NFT Card Game &
Exclusive Collection
with RPG Elements

Play2Earn with Combat Mode, PVE & beyond on Blockchain.

Free to play, easy to get started with, fantasy trading game and collectibles offer play to earn opportunities with never before seen approaches right from the start.



Battle and collect in game items as NFTs and more. Combine them to upgrade your skills, armor, and even the course of events in the main and side stories while earning real life rewards and crypto.


Not only Player Vs Player but Tournaments as well. Have fun & earn also on Player Vs Environment in POV style Open World Vast Arena of UtDS


Strategic 2D turn-based part of Under the Dark Sun features tactical multiple opportunities on blockchain for upgrading, enjoying and earning more.

As all game modes work under the same blockchain and on the same wallet; all in game collected items and upgrades would be combined and valid for the Player, just as the cards themselves (also able to be combined for increased strength and chances on all areas)

More than 150 Masterpiece Unique and Handpicked Artwork as the focus image

30 Different Classes, Ranks and Guilds with different multiplier and effects on the game directly.

66 Unique Companion / Helper to Assist you in the games, arenas and Under the Dark Sun Open World

20 Different Okors, 100 Different Potions with each has its own efficiency and multiplier effect, 200 Skills, Different Chests, Mana Multipliers, Diamond Rarities, Tribe Signs and more..


10,000 Limited and Unique Cards on Polygon Smartchain equipped with all the elements you need on the games of Under the Dark Sun


Have The GENESIS Privileges: Combine the most rarest & Powerful in Game Items by minting the rarest cards.

Mint HERE!

on Polygon (MATIC) Network
for ony 25 MATIC per NFT
(for a limited time)

If minting fails try again with a higher gas fee.
Check Under the Dark Sun on OpenSea
Reload the page for latest minted count.

Max per Wallet 200 NFT
Max per Mint 50 NFT

The First 1,000 Cards minted will get a special reward bonus in $ISLAND
(a generous share from the Total Supply of L´ile / $ISLAND)

Under the Dark Sun Powered by L´ile / The ISLAND

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